Magicians in Action 1980-2015

Christian Scherer


"A special book. An extraordinary book. A history of magic of a different kind."

Eberhard Riese


"These large, beautiful volumes provide an opportunity to spend time with hundreds of magicians who share – in their own words – anecdotes, philosophy, and a bit of themselves.
This is really the ultimate book test – open it anywhere and you will immediately know what they were thinking." 

Steve Beam


A unique documentary containing photos accompanied by autobiographical and anecdotal texts (in English), featuring


> 250 magicians from 28 nations.


The photos were taken by the author from 1980 to 2015 during performances of the magicians in Europe. The texts were contributed by the artists depicted.

  • Foreword by Eberhard Riese
  • 3 Volumes
  • Format A4
  • 776 pages with 473 photos in total
  • Hardcover

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Ein einzigartiges Dokument mit Fotos und Texten (in englischer Sprache) von


> 250 Zauberkünstlern aus 28 Nationen.


Die Fotos wurden vom Autor von 1980-2015 bei Auftritten der Zauberkünstler in Europa aufgenommen.

Die Texte wurden von den abgebildeten Künstlern verfasst. 

  • Vorwort von Eberhard Riese
  • 3 Bände 
  • Format A4
  • Total 776 Seiten mit 473 Fotos
  • Fester Einband, fadengebunden

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